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Kidz Kartz - A new attraction that will generate income

Kidz Kartz

What are KIDZ KARTZ?

Kidz Kartz are specifically designed for 3 – 12 year old children. The standard maximum speed is 6mph (but this can be decreased or increased to preference.) Kidz Karts can be driven both indoors and outdoors; grass, tarmac, asphalt, stone, wood chip for example and they handle just as well in wet conditions because of their Coarse-Grip tyres and low speeds. Riders can be secured with seatbelts if required.

Motors connect directly to the wheels so there are no external moving parts. With the motors being electric there are no petrol fumes, spillages around the vehicle are eliminated and heat from the motors is also next to none, removing the risk of burns. Noise levels are barely existent making the karts ideal for indoor use.

Deep concentration! Safe design

Benefits for operators include exceptionally low maintenance schedules (an electric rental kart has a lifespan 5 times longer than a petrol kart) and minimal repairs.

Kidz Kartz are ideal for use as a portable business paired with an inflatable track, where there are several options available.

But likewise they suit a purpose built track just as well.  With Gravitrons years of experience and creative flare, we offer the design of custom built tracks and can incorporate features such as bridges, hills, dips, timing systems and responsive light/noise features into permanent locations to create a stand out attraction.

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All karts are fully BACTA ADIPS certified. BACTA are a recognised organisation that stipulates safety standards with in the leisure industry.

For more information download our PDF brochure Kidz Kartz Brochure


For more information call +44 (0)7828 481596 to speak to one of our technical engineers or email us at

Kidz Kartz
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