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Traditional Lighthouse (Helter Skelter)

We produce a diverse range of slides ranging from Traditional Lighthouse Helter Skelters, Double Helix Slides to portable and inflatable slides, which address both functionality and price.


Our knowledge of engineering, product development and materials combined with our understanding of the leisure industry gives us the opportunity to provide a turn-key service to clients looking for a slide from our portfolio or for a completely bespoke slide commission.

Safety is paramount; all our products are built to comply with ADIPS (Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme) and the FJAC Guidelines (Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks Joint Advisory Committee.) All bespoke projects can also be designed and developed to specific requirements, for example Building and Electrical Standards, and all essential paperwork can be supplied alongside the finished product.

Double Slide: 3D view

Double Slide: 3D view

Helter Skelter: Front view. Helter Skelter: 15m high, on the top level.
Double Slide: 3D view Double Slide: Entrance detailing
Helter Skelter: Riders use a hessian sack. Helter Skelter: Recycled Composite wood slats

Double Slide (Helter Skelter)

Our ground-breaking new design for a double helical slide is based on the traditional Helter Skelter concept. Riders climb to the top of the ride on a central spiral staircase, then choose which slide they wish to take.

The two slides twist around each other at different gradients, to give two different slide experiences. The ride is designed to be space-efficient and maximise potential income.

As with our vehicles and smaller rides, each of our major attractions is made to order to suit your exact requirements.

Double Slide: 3D view Double Slide: 3D view
Double Slide: From the bottom of the chutes Double Slide: Heading downwards (close up)
Double Slide: 3D view Double Slide: Entrance detailing
Double Slide: One slide entrance Double Slide: A view upwards


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