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Aqua Karting

The Aqua Kart, is a revolutionary water attraction that combines the thrills of water sport with the skills of karting. Designed with one goal, to make the most exciting and powerful electric water ride possible.

A custom-made circuit can be placed on lakes, canals and rivers, or alternatively installed into an indoor or outdoor pool area.

Each Aqua Kart System is built to the customer's own requirements with options available such as circuit design, simple colour choices & themes. Total versatility and low operational costs guarantee an ideal addition to water parks, making the Aqua Kart a valuable income generator for you.

For more information regarding the technical spec and installation of this attraction, call +44 (0)7828 481596 to speak to one of our technical engineers.

Aqua Karts - a revolutionary water attraction

Drivers race each other around the circuit using their own skills to try and win the race. Optionally it can be equipped with full radio linked controllability by which the kart's speed can be adjusted to suit all conditions and abilities. The Aqua Kart can be slowed or stopped to assist with ride control.


Guests board the karts from a station-side jetty and await the start signal. Powered by the smooth electric drive motor, the Aqua Kart is capable of reaching speeds up to 10 knots, and at low speeds can literally turn on it's axis.


For more information call +44 (0)7828 481596 to speak to one of our technical engineers or email us at

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