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Test & Commissioning

The test & commissioning phase follows the manufacture and installation (if applicable) of our products and rides.

All products that are despatched from our workshops are tested to ensure that they are fully operational and working to their specifications prior to being packed.

All our electric vehicles are fully tested prior to being despatched to our customers. Testing includes: On and off systems, emergency stop systems, acceleration and braking, instrumentation accuracy, battery levels, charging systems, lighting systems, radio control system (if fitted).

For rides that we have installed: after the installation phase is complete or nearing completion, we run the ride, document the results and ensure that every aspect of the ride is running safely and to the design specification.

It is usually during this period that final adjustments are made, specifically to the speed and acceleration of the vehicles. The test and commissioning period will demonstrate the operational requirements of the ride and high light any shortfalls in staffing levels. This is often a good time to carry out staff training sessions prior to the official opening of the ride.

Kidz Kartz Ltd (Trading as Gravitron Design) is a registered inspection body within the ADIP scheme.

We are registered to carry out inspections and issue the annual DOCs (Declaration of Operational Compliance).

Contact details for BACTA and ADIPS can be found below:


Alders House
133, Aldersgate Street
Tel: 0207 726 9826
Fax: 0207 726 9822



Helpline: 0800 008 6776
Tel: 01915 166 381
Fax: 01915 166 382


Amusement Device Inspection Procedure Scheme
North of England Business
& Innovation Centre
Sunderland Enterprise Park (East)



For more information call +44 (0)7828 481596 to speak to one of our technical engineers or email us at

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