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Technical Drawings

At Gravitron we offer a range of technical drawing and design services. After the initial conceptual design process we can take your designs through to full technical drawing level so that they are ready for production.

Support Bracket

Conversion of 2D drawings to a 3D format
Update your existing 2D files creating versatile 3D components that can be used by designers in 3D models. This service enables designers to view products as they will appear and include your products directly in new assemblies.
Once the 3D drawings have been created we can then provide detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of their design. See our Finite Element Analysis page for more information.


GTD Bridge Design

High Level of Technical Expertise
Created for manufacture, our full technical drawings fine-tune conceptual designs and bring the project forward in readiness for the production stage.



For more information call +44 (0)7828 481596 to speak to one of our technical engineers or email us at

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